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Cerro de los Siete Colores (Vinicunca ) Full Day

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Cerro de los Siete Colores (Vinicunca )
  • Cerro de los Siete Colores (Vinicunca )

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We leave very early in the city of Cusco aprox 3:00 am, this because we have a long trip and we want to take advantage of the excursion to the maximum, (we pick you up from your respective hotel)

We go to qollasuyo, ancient way of the Quechuas, important part of all tawantinsuyo (4 regions of the Incas) we will arrive at CHECACUPE, Then to continue to locality d of PITUMARCA,

In the course of the trip you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and valleys of Pitumarca arriving at the native town of JAPURA, HACHIPACHA with native Quechua inhabitants.

Finally we will arrive at the place called Chillca. From where we will have a nice breakfast at a height of. (4200.00msnm), this is our starting point for the trek to the Cerro de los Siete Colores

After breakfast, we walk through beautiful landscapes, where South American camelids live (alpacas, llamas, vicuñas, puma, Andean birds and condors, etc.)

The hike to the Mountain of the Seven Colors lasts approx. 3 Hrs approx. We arrive at the place called VININCUNCA – step 5200 Msnm, from where we will see the impressing view of Cerro Colorado with the sunrise showing its best imposing valley and colored hills of magical colors that only exists in this place of our Peruvian sierra.

It is time to take our cameras or cell phones to get the best view, as the landscape looks like a sub-realist subgenre, or drawn from a fictional movie.

Around we will observe as mountains (apu sari nini, Ausangate mountain) Ausangate the highest mountain of cusco with a height of 6372 Msnm.

After enjoying the scenery and taking many photos we will undertake our return (2 hours) to the community of Chillca constituted by herdsmen llamas and alpacas is known as the guardian of these Andean sites.

At the right time we will undertake the return to Cusco. Arriving in the city of Cusco approximately at 7 pm.



  • Professional guide
  • Tourist transport
  • Ticket to the Mountain
  • Breakfast in the Poblado de Chilca
  • Box Lunch
  • Optional: Horse (S /. 70.00)



  • Enjoy at all times!
  • Warm clothes
  • Small backpack with personal items
  • Camera to save the best moments of your trip
  • A little cash for shopping
  • Mineral water every day
  • Sun Blocker and Sun Cap

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